Who we are

RIDIX / Sede di Grugliasco

We represent Swiss and German Companies on the Italian Market, importing technology and advanced products for engineering and automation.

We provide high quality products, contributing to develop the production processes technology also through specific consulting activities.

We are organized as two departments: machines/systems and consumables for the mechanical industry.

Our commercial strength is distributed on the whole Italian territory: thanks to the support of a strong internal structure we are capable of answering rapidly to our customers’ needs.

50 years of experience and teamwork build the strength pillars of Ridix, and today we can really offer valid and effective 360° solutions in the world of mechanics and not only.

Our history


Ridix has been founded in 1969 by Mr. Klemens Fritschi and Mr. Carlo Ruspa, as importer of Swiss machine tools companies Rigide and Dixi. From these names comes the name RIDIX.

Getting experienced in the production sectors with the installation of machine tools, we have enlarged with time our offer with consumable goods, from coolant oils and tools to marking equipment, and arriving at the present day where we can offer a 360° service in precision manufacturing.

The technology innovation


Since the beginning the engine of Ridix.

Underlying every choice and every partnership we make there is a careful research in terms of innovation. In every sector where we are in with our technologies  – Metalworking, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical – our products answer the complex needs of the production world, without neglecting prototyping, first step in the development of the new possible technological evolutions.

We are always aiming to enrich our offer with products of undisputed quality, because we are convinced that only in this way the customer can benefit from a real added value evident from the beginning and during the time.



Professionals on the side of Professionals

But products quality and technological excellence is not all.

Hundreds of companies choose us every day for our total dedication to the client, from the moment where we gather information about a product, to the offer phase until the post-sale. Professionals on the side of Professionals: this is our business philosophy.

Each technology we provide relies on a product manager which, through a careful analysis of the production processes adopted by the customer, can offer a real solution to the problems, or even more, a solution to reduce costs and improve performances



The chain of value

The chain of value in Ridix always and only goes through people.

The partner thinks, designs and produces the technology, the collaborator allows us to offer it to the client in the best possible way, the competitor encourages us to always improve and finally the customer allows us grow constantly.

Partners, collaborators, competitors and customers: from the quality of the relation with each one of them depends our success: this is the reason why we have always invested on relationships. 

Quality management


ISO norm

Every internal procedure complies with the Quality management system ISO 9001:2015.

Here is possible to download the updated certifications. 


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